The Vast of Night review: A sort of slow-burn 1950s Stranger Things

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Starring youngsters who investigate a mysterious signal that may be from spies or aliens, The Vast of Night is all a bit Stranger Things, says Gege Li

Humans 20 May 2020

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The Vast of Night

Andrew Patterson

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COMING up next: an odd frequency is spreading through a small town in New Mexico, and two locals must work out what is going on.

Feel familiar? That’s because The Vast of Night begins like a story from The Twilight Zone. This 1950s-set sci-fi flick is framed as an episode of a fictional equivalent called Paradox Theatre, and is intermittently played through the screen of an antique television.

Directed by Andrew Patterson, the film focuses on teenager Fay (Sierra McCormick) and her slightly older …

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